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We replace and install flooring in a variety of materials, including tile, vinyl, laminate, hardwood, linoleum, and carpet.

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Install tile flooring.

We install tile flooring, walls, and backsplash in areas of your home like bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, laundry rooms, and more. We also repair existing tile, grout, and caulking.

Vinyl & Laminate Flooring

Install vinyl and laminate flooring.

Vinyl and laminate flooring are excellent low-maintenance and cost effective options compared to the carpet maintenance and the cost of installing hardwood flooring.


Replace and install carpet.

Carpet is an excellent option for families with small children and homeowners on a budget. We replace and install carpet in a variety of styles, textures, and colors.

Wood Flooring

Refinish and install hardwood flooring.

We repair, restore, and refinish existing wood flooring. We install a variety of finished hardwood flooring, or unfinished wood flooring that stain and polish to your specifications.